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New Year, New You.

Ten days into the new year and the cogs are already turning, getting the creative juices flowing and aligned with our renewed focus on all things travel. For the majority of the past year you’ve seen a significant decline in … Continue reading

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Road Woes…

I had left SLC heading south to warmer weather and to a few other places AND surprises. At about 9:30am I hit a gas station for a fill up and was texting a friend about how warm it was outside. … Continue reading

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Salt Lake city and the mighty mighty Bison

Yes, I drove to Salt Lake city for a sandwich, don’t judge me. It wasn’t the only reason, I LOVE SLC. The town, the people, even the religion going on in the city. 🙂 I still didn’t really have a … Continue reading

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Magical Lakes & Bison Sightings.

The first day of our crazy road trip started off like any other. Everything packed up & off we went. The first day of our trips are always about distance. Putting distance between us & our lives back home. Washington … Continue reading

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Are We There Yet?

I’m starting to feel that twitch, that familiar tingle way down deep inside. You know the one, everybody feels it… It’s that tiny little voice somewhere inside that says, “Psst! Hey… yeah I’m talking to you. Ummm, it’s time. Let’s … Continue reading

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It’s All About The Chase.

I love a good road trip. I enjoy discovering new places and going on adventures to places I’ve never been. I’m not one for the details. To be honest, that part kinda bores me. But for Devon, the fun is … Continue reading

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Silence in the Desert.

It’s unfortunate that many people equate deserts with a hostile environment that conspires against human life. The desert is a magical place. It’s where flowers bloom, animals roam, water flows, life exists. Yes, true too, it is also where things … Continue reading

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