…This Adventure:

Borne out of necessity while researching for a road trip online, I was looking for the best trips on a budget when I noticed that what I was looking for did not exist.

I love to travel. Even more than that, I like coming home with money in my pocket after a vacation. In these pages I will share with you the tips and tricks I’ve learned throughout my years globetrotting. With a little planning and some common sense, anyone can travel and save money.

…The Frugal Trekkers:

Devon is a smart-ass, tattooed adventure enthusiast with a heart of gold. Born on the ‘wet’ coast of British Columbia in small town in the Bible belt, she was raised in the natural rainforest on a remote island in the Howe Sound. A puddle-jumper by nature, an avid rock climber and self-taught wilderness survivalist, she’s drawn to red rock and desert climates. Devon is a true non-conformist, an Irish lass and a complex hybrid of musician/Mexican meets poet/pauper. Quick witted, with an even keel of silly vs. serious, she holds a black belt in sarcasm (to be taken with a grain of non-iodized sea salt).

She currently resides in east Vancouver, BC with her partner (both in life & crime), their dog Jack and cats, Ace & Daisy. She travels in style in her Honda Fit. Whether the horizon is fore or aft, Devon doesn’t care… so long as she sees it.

Jade is a natural clown with an easy smile & big laugh. She was born and raised in the “big city” (Vancouver) and hadn’t really travelled afar. A hyper, athletic child; spending much of her time hiking and camping in and around the local mountains, she enjoys the solitude that the great outdoors offer. A rare breed, she’s a seventh generation Canadian with deep roots in the city. Always the odd duck, she doesn’t own gumboots or an umbrella… and doesn’t understand those who do. A certified first aid attendant & a natural tour guide, she fell into navigation by her helpful, genuinely friendly disposition. Always willing to tell people where to go and how to get there (politely of course), it’s no mistake that she found herself drawn to Devon’s “why not?” personality. Together they are the perfect yin/yang and enjoy whatever life has in store, so long as Jade has the maps.


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