Silence in the Desert.

It’s unfortunate that many people equate deserts with a hostile environment that conspires against human life. The desert is a magical place. It’s where flowers bloom, animals roam, water flows, life exists. Yes, true too, it is also where things go to die.

When I go into the desert I am so broken down by society and all that surrounds me, I almost feel as if I am fleeing, praying for that peace that will wash over me when I arrive.

The solitary silence, the wind rushing past my ears, the calm that wraps around my body. Its the silence that envelopes you and holds you right at your weakest moment. THIS is the desert… to me.

Peace, calm, happiness, fulfilment. I feel it all in the desert, it isn’t about the heat, the sun, the barrenness. It’s about connecting with yourself and those that you have chosen to bring with you.

There is a respect given to the desert as well as taken from the desert. Not many will understand this. Or when given the opportunity to, will simply let it slip by.

To those who are willing to sit beside me and feel the stillness of the desert, are you willing to open yourself up and take in all that the desert has to offer?

– Devon

“I’m not scared to cross the border. I may die in the desert. But if I stay here, I’ll die of hunger.” – Raul Santos


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