Are We There Yet?

I’m starting to feel that twitch, that familiar tingle way down deep inside. You know the one, everybody feels it… It’s that tiny little voice somewhere inside that says, “Psst! Hey… yeah I’m talking to you. Ummm, it’s time. Let’s go!” Actually, I’ve been aching to get back out there for a while now.

I only really had one road trip last year. Around May Jade & I took off for the desert that had us meeting up with our friends Paul and Lisa. It was amazing. I could actually just sit there on the Colorado river in a lawn chair and relax. THAT is a vacation! 

In September, we also trekked down to Los Angeles. While fun, I don’t feel this was a road trip in the least. We drove, we stopped and drove some more… All the way to LA. When we got there it was action packed with Jade and  her cousins Stephen & Doug. It was go go go until it was over. I can safely say that this was a bucket list trip for Jade.

Throughout the trip I kept emailing Lisa how much I would rather be in the desert just relaxing and exploring. This constant flow of emails set about the very rapid plan for our own road trip. The minute, and I mean minute, I got home I was emailing her about where we wanted to go and what we wanted to do. It was going to be a girls road trip, just Jade, Lisa & myself. We had it planned and set before I even went back to work the following day. I was stoked. All we had to do was count down the 8 months. When you factor in your daily life and all that you do to make it through until your next vacation, there are times when you just want to curl up into a ball and give up. You better believe we counted down those days. Well… It’s been 8 months and the road trip is a go!! May 2nd Lisa & I are hitting the road. Jade decided to stay home and let me go on this adventure with Lisa. It’s good to travel apart from your significant other.  We will be gone about 11 days and we’ll hit Utah, Arizona and Nevada. We have planned out some pretty cool adventures and I know we will stumble upon some others as we go.

I told Jade to tuck away some bail money because the two of us together… who knows what will happen? I know it’s going to be an amazing time. Other than Jade, I couldn’t imagine experiencing the desert with anyone else. Lisa just gets it.

The countdown is on… 18 days left. 

Now where’s my passport?? Shit!

– Devon


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