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Bold statement, right? You might say this to the super annoying guy at your local coffee shop who keeps asking you for a date. Can’t he see you’re just there for the java? Buzz off, bud! Don’t you know I’m … Continue reading

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Why I Vacation.

Vacation is today’s big bad wolf. That’s right. Millions of people are frightened of taking time off from work. Why? They dread the pile of work awaiting them when they return and no one else can do what they do … Continue reading

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Mill Fork Cemetery.

We’ve zipped past this a dozen times on our annual drive down to Moab UT. Each time we both say, “Dang! We missed it again. Next time!” Well… next time finally happened. Ironically, we missed the entrance on our way … Continue reading

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Big Love in a Small Town.

There’s something to be said about growing up in a small town. What might be better than that? Growing up in a village. During the May long weekend Devon & I were invited to and enjoyed an adventure in such … Continue reading

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Road Woes…

I had left SLC heading south to warmer weather and to a few other places AND surprises. At about 9:30am I hit a gas station for a fill up and was texting a friend about how warm it was outside. … Continue reading

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Salt Lake city and the mighty mighty Bison

Yes, I drove to Salt Lake city for a sandwich, don’t judge me. It wasn’t the only reason, I LOVE SLC. The town, the people, even the religion going on in the city. 🙂 I still didn’t really have a … Continue reading

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The Road Provides.

Sometimes the road provides, well actually it always provides! Recently I was given the opportunity to go on a solo trip. I had been wanting to go on one for sometime… Time was ticking away, where are you going people … Continue reading

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