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RV or Tiny House

To RV or to Tiny House. That’s my question right now, Jade and I have had these dreams for 4 years to get an RV and travel. We’ve worked hard at eliminating our debt and saving our money, downsizing our … Continue reading

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Road Woes…

I had left SLC heading south to warmer weather and to a few other places AND surprises. At about 9:30am I hit a gas station for a fill up and was texting a friend about how warm it was outside. … Continue reading

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Putting It Out There.

I’ve decided to put it out there to the universe. I’ve decided to let everyone know what is going on in my life right now. These plans could change the RV living plans. Not by much but just push them … Continue reading

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Do You Feel Sidelined At Times??

Capricorns like results NOW. Actually, we liked them yesterday. When things don’t get done right away or when a goal isn’t reached that moment I hit a wall, I look for another way around it. As of a month ago … Continue reading

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