RV or Tiny House

To RV or to Tiny House.

That’s my question right now, Jade and I have had these dreams for 4 years to get an RV and travel. We’ve worked hard at eliminating our debt and saving our money, downsizing our belongings and getting things in order to hit the open road and be free.

A month ago I saw an article online about tiny houses built on trailers and you can tow them… WTH! Amazing right! I fell in love instantly, I could have all the comforts of a house and tow it behind me and travel. I started following a couple blogs about tiny houses and a few couples who travel the USA in them. It’s do-able. It makes sense.

Now I am at a cross road, RV or Tiny house. Each has its pros vs cons. I’ve made the list, it’s currently on my HUGE whiteboard beside my desk in the office. RV pro/con and Tiny house Pro/con, I add to it every day. I text myself things for the list when I get home.

My question to you is, have you experienced either? Do you live and travel in an RV or a tiny house?? I would LOVE to hear from you and hear your experiences. I would LOVE to ask a million stupid questions if you are open to it.

Please get in contact with me at:  frugaltrekker@gmail.com I want to hear from people out there living it, living the dream they have. 🙂

We are getting down to the wire on what we want and making the necessary purchases. It’s a VERY exciting time in our lives and I can’t wait. I’m not one to jump into a big life decision quickly, I pro and con the hell out of it.



Road Woes…

I had left SLC heading south to warmer weather and to a few other places AND surprises. At about 9:30am I hit a gas station for a fill up and was texting a friend about how warm it was outside. She was telling me it was raining back home so of course, being the douche that I am, I FB some photos of the sunny weather I was having and tagged her in them.

The photo that had karma catch up with me
The photo that had karma catch up with me

Not even one hour later karma was out for me. Driving down the highway from SLC to Vegas I noticed my car shake in a weird fashion then all of a sudden, BOOM, my back passenger tire explodes!! All over the highway is tire “guts” from my car. The car swerves left then right, I’m on the e-brake trying to get it under control. I manage to get the car off the NOT AT ALL busy highway. I flick on my hazards and start looking in my wallet for my AAA card… not there… I’m looking in my glove box when I hear a honk behind me. It’s a flatbed tow truck! YAY! I’ve been saved!

1 yr old rescued shop dog :)
1 yr old rescued shop dog 🙂

This little old man with an oxygen tank strapped to his back gets out of the truck and wanders over to me. “Seems you need some help, ma’am.” Uh, duh! ☺ I explain I don’t know where I am and DO need the help. It turns out Kevin, old dude’s name, has a shop in the next town over so we get Smelly car up and on the flatbed and off we go. 10 minutes down the road, we hit the town and his gas station/shop.

My car is put up on a lift and his shop hand, a lovely dude named Bruce, gets working. Bruce was an older guy, probably my dad’s age; he had 2 rescue dogs that I played with until the damn POM (with no teeth) bit me. The best part of this story is I had ordered a new credit card before I left for my trip that I had originally planned with a friend and of course it didn’t come in time. I ended up calling my friend Rhonda and she helped me out. I have kickass friends, yo!!! I found out when I got home my new credit card arrived that Wednesday afternoon… go figure!

My car Smelly Jr jr (don't judge her name) getting new "shoes"
My car Smelly Jr jr (don’t judge her name) getting new “shoes”

Bruce and I exchanged road stories while he was fixing my car up. Sometimes you hear of women getting taken advantage of in these situations but Kevin and Bruce were AMAZING! Not only did they fix my car, they fixed a couple other potential issues for free, filled up my gas and when I asked what town I was in, gave me 2 free t-shirts saying where… BEAVER, UTAH!

So if you’re ever in Beaver Utah, stop by the Conoco and say hi to Kevin and Bruce, tell them Devon, the tattooed Canadian, sent you.

And also… NEVER EVER tease your friends about the weather and your travels or you’ll end up with karma hitting you back, sorry Ashley.

– Devon

Putting It Out There.

I’ve decided to put it out there to the universe. I’ve decided to let everyone know what is going on in my life right now. These plans could change the RV living plans. Not by much but just push them back a few more months than we had thought. And after talking about it with Jade we are totally ok with it. A couple of months ago a family member came forward saying they were looking for a kidney donor, theirs were failing. Ever since I was a little kid I always thought if someone needs something I have, I would do my very best to get it to them. I’m the type of person that will sit in the back of the room, not saying a word, but the minute someone needs help I’m at the front. I got in contact with the transplant team and have officially stepped forward as a potential donor.

Phase 1 is figuring out your blood type, that was a fun experience. I went to the hospital to get my blood drawn (I’m not afraid of needles, I am covered in tattoos) and this nurse, who we will call “Olga”, was BRUTAL. She said in her scary Russian accent, “Vhen is your birfday??” Scared I said I haven’t a clue. Then she stabbed the blood out of me. 😦 Bruised and frightened I went back to work and wasn’t expecting results until the following week. The transplant team coordinator called me at work the next day, Friday, and told me I was in fact a blood match for the recipient. YAY! I was so, so, so happy! Then… I wanted to pass out, I became scared and not really knowing what to do. I emailed/texted and called about 10 of my close peeps and asked what the hell to do. We went into the weekend with good news… I passed the first hurdle.

Now, Phase 2 is about to start. I got my package in the mail last Friday which includes mucho blood work, urine tests, chest x-rays etc. I have to find a new doctor in my town and take really good care of myself. Taking care of myself isn’t difficult. I have a pretty good immune system (knock on wood) I eat clean (Vegan) I rarely drink etc. It’s a lot to get done in the next few weeks and I was panicking all weekend, but it just hit me. I don’t have to rush it, the doctors aren’t rushing it, there is a process and it could take up to a year to confirm all the tests. The transplant team and Phase 2 donor candidates are ahead of the schedule. Just go with the flow you damn Capricorn!

I am 28 years old and becoming a potential Kidney donor, holy shit! I’m not doing it for me, I’m not doing it for the people who are going to be saying “you’re such a good person, thank you”! Blah, blah, blah. I’m not doing it for the family of the recipient. I am doing this because when I was a child, I always told my mom if I had to give an organ to someone I would do it in a heart beat. I haven’t really talked to my family about the process just quick email updates, but I am positive 100% they support me in the decision if it does happen, that I become a donor.

Being a donor to me is like giving a cup of sugar. I have something, someone needs, I don’t need two. 🙂

So what does this mean for us full-timing in an RV?? It means it could potentially be pushed back 6 months or so. It doesn’t mean it isn’t going to happen just something else has popped up. There is a reason this is all happening and the universe has its plan and I guess we will just go with the flow.

Tell me, are any of you organ donors? Blood donors??

– Devon

Do You Feel Sidelined At Times??

Capricorns like results NOW. Actually, we liked them yesterday. When things don’t get done right away or when a goal isn’t reached that moment I hit a wall, I look for another way around it. As of a month ago things were on track, they still are really. We are actively purging our house of crap we don’t need, slowly (VERY) saving up the money, I’m still sticking it out with my crummy job, making goals and following through on them, etc. Just when you feel you are making headway, BAM! The shit hits the fan. You feel like you are back at zero. I had a family member die last week, and also a very important, possibly life-changing event come into my life that requires me to stay in the country a little longer than planned.

So, I feel like my plans are changing and are not the way I want them to be. Do I follow the flow of these events or do I continue to fight for the goal and plan I set out with?? The universe has a plan… blah, blah, blah. I want results, I don’t want to sit around and wait! Get this RV in my name, load it up with the crew and let’s go already!

What would you do?? I mean, of course I am going to stay if need be and postpone the start date a little but how much longer??


– Devon