The Year That Was.

If you ask anyone, last year, by and large, was a write off. It was one of the toughest years for everyone I’ve spoken to. We are no different.

It was filled with trials and tribulations, ups and downs. Friendships were ended and people moved on. We moved on. Literally. We moved from an apartment to a house (#robodog has a yard!) in a completely new neighbourhood. We’ve benefited greatly from this change. Our mental health & general wellbeing have improved tenfold and we are more at peace than ever before. You don’t know how toxic certain people are until they are no longer in your life. The neighbourhood we live in is ridiculously clean and crazy quiet, and Jacke is in love with how many new squirrel friends he has now.

Absolutely every travel goal we had for 2016 did not come to fruition. We aim to remedy this by taking more time for ourselves, both as individuals and as a couple. (A couple of what, I don’t know.)

While I could sit here and point my finger at a singular catalyst that turned our year upside down, I’m not one to dwell on the past and I definitely don’t let it dictate my future. I’m grateful for the healthy changes we’ve made and I look forward to moving on.

We hadn’t planned on dropping off the face of the earth but we’re definitely back, up and running.

– Jade


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