Big Love in a Small Town.

There’s something to be said about growing up in a small town. What might be better than that? Growing up in a village. During the May long weekend Devon & I were invited to and enjoyed an adventure in such a place. Maybe you’ve heard of it? It’s a place called Chase.

The scenic village of Chase, BC nestled near the base of the Shuswap is a vibrant community of lush green pastures mixed with unpredictable weather and warm locals who are quick to smile and chat about random topics at the drop of a hat. It’s a place where outdoorsy individuals either visit seasonally, move to upon retirement or for some lucky humans, grow up in.

Our good friends Ben & Rhonda sent an open invitation to come along with them to take advantage of her parents quite vacant and very charming character home. With only minor pondering and thoughtful pro & conning, we welcomed the opportunity to venture into Pleasantville.

I’ll just highlight some items from here on out.

McAllister Manor (as I dubbed Rhonda’s folks’ casa) felt like home the second I crossed the threshold. Equal parts country home to upscale cabin in the woods, I was quite surprised at how quickly we four fell asleep. It could have been our midnight adjacent arrival but I’m more certain that the house’s energy was warm, balanced and welcoming.

We spent the next three days poking our heads into very cool mom ’n’ pop shops with an amazing selection of arts, crafts, organic, homemade products and more locally grown produce that I can shake my fist at. The handcrafted First Nations items were of particular interest.

*editors’ note: The “Safety Mart” store does NOT have anything to do with safety. I had every intention of bubble wrapping Devon and “gently” shoving her down a hill for some redneck zorbing.

Three Sisters Falls.
Three Sisters Falls & the Thompson River.
The Three Sisters waterfalls (formerly called Chase Creek Falls) located in and around the Mt. Scatchard Switchback Trails (rated easy) near the south end of town were refreshingly misty. The Thompson River and its offshoot arms were raging and swollen (If you’re an avid angler, Chase is the place for you.) making the tiny trek up the banks mildly treacherous and at one point, completely impassable. The water’s power managed to drown out the Trans Canada Hwy we ducked under via the underpass.

Rhonda’s parents were amazing hosts. (I could explain further but this statement sums it up.)

Niskonlith Lake & the rebuilt pier.
Niskonlith Lake & the rebuilt pier.
We also took a scenic drive onto Niskonlith land with the destination of Niskonlith Lake Provincial Park. Along the way you observe wild horses, cows and if you’re really lucky, Rocky Mountain Bighorn sheep. With two vehicles, six adults & four dogs in our caravan and minor barking along the drive in, we enjoyed walking along the gravel road, snapping photos and running the dogs. The lake itself is beautiful which is an odd statement as I’ve yet to come across an ugly one. It was here that we observed a falcon eating a fish on a burnt tree leaning over the Niskonlith (sorry, no photo as we were too enthralled with the beauty of it all). It was also here that two of our handy capable dogs somersaulted down the embankment for a quick dip. Two of the most graceful bails I have ever witnessed.

To stave off some downpour boredom Devon thought it funny to use the DR-HO’s Dual Muscle Therapy System as a means of amusement. After placing the pads on her biceps, she literally almost punched herself in the face. Amazing. Ben put both pads on his right foot and with Rhonda at the controls he practically fell over the top of the barcalounger. Also amazing. It’s quite frightening to have your partner in control of essentially, a mini AED. *please use this equipment properly. I nixed Devon’s idea of her putting the pads on her chesticles as it is way to close to the heart. Know your limit and use safe words.* It sure sounds like I’m a bit of a kill joy, but she had me looking like Frankenstein’s monster with the pads placed on my triceps. Youch. Good times.

What I took home from this micro staycation… we live in an amazing province which I haven’t given myself the time to explore. Shame on me. Something else I took home with me? Just how lucky Rhonda is to have such a wonderful hometown.

Mt. Scatchard
Mt. Scatchard
Would I go back again? Definitely. Should you make a run up to Chase? It would be an injustice not to.

“Nothing is more expensive that a missed opportunity.” – H Jackson Browne Jr.

– Jade


One Reply to “Big Love in a Small Town.”

  1. Finally! ’bout time you started discovering where you come from. Went to Chase back in the early seventies. Liked it a lot! Glad it hasn’t changed!


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