The Road Provides.

Sometimes the road provides, well actually it always provides! Recently I was given the opportunity to go on a solo trip. I had been wanting to go on one for sometime…

Time was ticking away, where are you going people asked, you should go here or there they’d say. Immediately I took those suggestions and put them on the back burner. I don’t like being told what to do. Everyone around me asked if I was excited yet, nope was my usual reply. I had been too busy planning Jade’s surprise party (princess themed) with friends to even think about my trip.

The day before my trip was Jade’s birthday, we spent the day with friends and family celebrating the big 38. I would leave the next morning still with no clue where to go. We got home late from dinner and I threw a couple clothes in my backpack, grabbed some essential camping gear and went to bed. Packing literally took me all of 10 minutes.

Where was I going to go? Not a clue…

Rest stop in the snow


– Devon


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