Everybody Needs Someone in Their Corner.

Even if you feel you are the strongest person on earth… sometimes we slip. Sometimes we fall back a bit and need someone there to catch us. We’ve grown up in today’s society being taught that reaching out and asking for help is to be shunned. Instead, we bottle up all our emotions because if you show them… you are weak… you are not a leader. When it’s exactly the reverse. When you call for help and people come running THAT is being a leader. When you have made such an impression in someones life that they drop what they are doing and come running… THAT is not weakness, that is strength. We rise above adversity and come together in times of need. Those of us who are strong enough to ask for help, when they know they need it at their most vulnerable point… those are the ones we look to when we need to be lead into the light, on a new path, toward a common goal of personal clarity and enlightenment.

Countless great leaders of the past asked for help at key points in their lives, all the while forever changing the world we live in. Their personal triumphs became ours. They simply asked for assistance at the right time.

We need to ask for help more often. We are o.k. with shouting out our opinions and beliefs on the inter-nerd in all caps but that human interaction we all crave and need is not something we can call on… why?

We need to be more present, in ourselves, more accountable to ourselves and we need to be kind… to ourselves and each other.

THAT is the only way we are all going to make it.

Just my two cents.

– Devon


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