Slowing Down.

I always tease Jade that she needs to slow down, she is always on the go. She can’t sit still and she’s always finding things to keep herself occupied. But I think it’s me that really needs to slow down. When I have an idea I want to make it happen right away! I lose interest in things VERY easily. Like school. I applied for school a few months ago and it’s about to start, and I really don’t want to do it anymore. I lost interest… I am literally forcing myself to do it because at one point, not two months ago, I was dying to go to school.

I am balls out, go go go… in my head. Always wanting things to happen quickly and when on a road trip, I want to go full tilt as well. I want to experience everything and anything, as much as I can. Live fast because I probably won’t live a long life is what I always thought. And I found, on my last trip, I can and have easily missed out on things because I want to constantly go. Sure… I can see a million things but am I really taking anything in? Probably not. I know I’m not. And maybe, just maybe, being on these road trips I am not necessarily supposed to see things. Maybe I am supposed to sit and reflect with myself, just be with my thoughts and feelings. Or sitting in the moment with friends not saying a word over a campfire and just… being.

Jade and I have an upcoming road trip in August/September. This is HER road trip. This is the surprise trip that I have been casually planning for a year, giving her zero clues. We have one destination… Memphis, Tennessee. Jade wants to go to Graceland. She has always dreamed of going there. So that is where we are going to go. Other than that… no plans, no set route, no anything. We are just going to throw some clothes in a bag, grab the tent and hit the road. This will be totally different from past trips I have taken but it’s time to slow down.

I’m just not in a hurry anymore.

– Devon


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