I woke up in an angry fucking mood this morning. Maybe I didn’t sleep well, maybe I’m really stressed with some upcoming things, maybe it’s because the damn cat has been meowing for no reason in MY face at 4am EVERY morning this week.

I thrashed around the house getting my stuff together to go to work. Halfway to work the sky opened up and just poured. The rain was coming down in sheets and sideways!! (totally normal for Vancouver) Of course, I don’t own an umbrella (that would be smart) Normally I’d be pissed it was raining and I would get to work soaked with no extra clothes, but I really didn’t care this morning, I just didn’t give a damn. The water washed away all the negative thoughts and feelings I had bottled up.

Water washes away negative and purifies the soul. I had the chance to “re-start” my day. I showed up soaked in my work clothes, I dried off as best I could and had a laugh with some co-workers about the situation. That’s all I really could do. Within 30 minutes my pants were dry…. Thanks REI!! and I was good to go.

Wet shoes, wet socks for the rest of the day… could be worse, right?

“Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet.” – Roger Miller

I had to make the best of the situation… the rain forced me to. 🙂

Happy Wednesday!

– Devon


One Reply to “Water.”

  1. Walking in the rain is good for body and soul. I own an umbrella, never use it. Don’t own any boots. But nothing can beat the fresh smells after a rain storm. Be positive, we need water. It’s not drizzling out, it’s misting. By the way, I’m just leaving to go for a walk in the rain 🙂 Thunderstorms in the forecast. Going to enjoy some beautiful mother nature now.


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