The Essentials.

Everybody has them. A list of things they can’t live without during the day. Your cell phone, backpack/bag, lunch, wallet, keys, coffee in a to-go cup. These are the things that make it possible to get through the day, the work week, daily living.

The same is true when you travel. There are things, certain staples, you bring with you every time. Some out of habit, some for good luck, each serves a purpose. Which ones you pack with you are dependent on the destination & type of trip you’re taking.

Tools of the trade.
Tools of the trade.
No matter where we go, there are a few key essentials I bring every time. These may vary for you and perhaps some never even crossed your mind. I pack them for trips into the desert & for road trips into the great unknown. Whether I’m hiking in my local mountains where cougars (mountain lions) & bears call home or I’m venturing out into the wild with a map & a vague idea of where I’m going, these are the things I bring. Every time.

My essentials.
– a multi tool (like a leatherman)
– a zippo lighter
– magnesium stick & striker
– an emergency blanket
– digital camera
– canteen(s)
– granola or energy bars (organic)
– pepper spray
– a multi blade folding knife (with a serrated edge)
– a flashlight
– a straight blade folding knife
– a folding sharpening tool

Some would think this is overkill, I call it being prepared for anything. Not photographed or listed are lip balm & trail mix. It’s hard to find decent generic products to post without supporting one particular brand over another. Also, I always carry a first aid kit as I’m ticketed.

More essentials.
More essentials.
I usually carry these items in my back pack with extra water & snacks. Devon prefers I have them… I think mostly because she’s slightly accident prone & tends to fall down a few times while hiking. She has more experience outdoors than I will ever hope to have. Often I find myself deferring to her expertise in this area.

So, if you find yourself itching to go on a road trip or vacation & you’re not sure what you should bring with you, research it. Look up where you’re going, read reviews. Your essential kit will vary from mine. It’s not right or wrong, it’s the one for you. I like knowing that I’m ready for anything the universe has for me at any given moment.

These final words to live by: if your hike is an hour long, assume it’ll take two hours & bring two hours worth of water with you. And most importantly, tell someone where you’re going, when you’ll be there & when you’ll be back. Remember, rescue crews can’t find you if they don’t know where to look.

With that in mind, go out and find an adventure wherever you can.

Have fun!

– Jade


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