Jessie from Beclabito.

Jade & I were on our first road trip together back in 2009, we packed up the car and took off for 2 weeks. One morning we woke up in Shiprock, New Mexico on our way to White Sands National Monument, following the map, it led us to a highway that didn’t exist, so we pulled over in a church parking lot and got out the old map to re-check our route. While we were looking at the map an older lady walked over from the other side of the parking lot and asked if we were lost, we said not really just trying to figure out where we were going. She said we wanted to get to Alamogordo and she pointed us in the right direction. She then told us her name, Jessie, and she needed a ride back home from church. Both Jade and I have NEVER picked up a hitch hiker but we looked at each other and said what the hell. This woman was easily 90 yrs old. We moved the cooler and a few things around in the back seat and she hopped in. We happened to be going the same way as she was. We got to talking about where she was from and her family, we passed the tiny village she was born and raised in, it was all boarded up and deserted. She told us about her son who lived in Tuba City and we should stop in and see him, they would love the company. She recounted many stories about Shiprock, the actual rock itself. Some truly fascinating tales about the surrounding area, and her grandmother’s ranch near the base of the rock.

What we thought was going to be a quick 10 minute drive home turned into a 2 hour drive down this long, winding dirt road. We ended up in Beclabito, almost on the Arizona border, and totally out of the area we wanted to be in. Where, seemingly, out of no where popped up a gas station. Jessie tells us we can drop her off, she can walk from there. She thanks us kindly for the ride, blesses us and our trip with a little Navajo saying and leaves the car. By then I am trying to get my camera out because Jade and I had been videoing EVERYTHING on our trip. I get the camera working, point the camera outside of the car where Jessie is slowly walking to the door, and we clearly see her. But when we played the video back in the car she was no where to be found on the camera.

Was Jessie really there in the car?? We ended up being on the correct road, in the right direction because of Jessie, we learned greatly from this Navajo lady but WTF happened??

Jade says I am crazy, she was really there and has no explanation for the no show on my camera. I, on the other hand, tend to think that Jessie didn’t happen. Was it a Navajo spirit realizing we were lost in the land and needing direction out? OR am I to believe that we picked up some random hitch hiker?…

– Devon


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