What Have We Become?

I’m a wreck here at work today. It’s Friday and I should be happy with the upcoming weekend.

I went to bed with a heavy heart and woke up with even more sadness. I awoke to read of the horrible shooting in a movie theater in Colorado. How can someone do such a thing? What is wrong with people?!?!?

I am also so deeply disturbed by the news story here at home, just a few miles from my house, of the coward who “allegedly” beat his dog to within inches of his life and THREW HIM IN THE DUMPSTER TO DIE!! The SPCA and a wondefrul team of vets did all they could but alas the struggle was just too much for Captain the German Shepard and he passed away. As horrible as it sounds it’s probably for the best. This world is FAR too cruel for an amazing animal like him. Animals rely on us in captivity to take care of them. Just this week Jade & I were trusted by our dear friend Rhonda to look after her dog Sage while she is out of town. Sage relies on us to care for her and Rhonda has put her ENTIRE trust into us to make sure Sage is happy and healthy and loved while she is gone. And dammit that dog is pretty frickin’ happy in my house right now… Along with our dog (her boyfriend) Jacke. I read online this morning how upset people in Vancouver are about poor Captain and a local radio station started a fund to raise monies to donate to the SPCA for legal costs to bring these people to justice. Just this morning they had a goal of $10,000 and as I look right now at 11AM it is at $21,430.00. AMAZING!! The people of Vancouver are not taking this sitting down as they shouldn’t. Well done.

If you are able to donate please do, or just pass on the link to others. Justice for Captain (#justiceforcaptain on twitter).

Link: JusticeforCaptain

I don’t understand people/human nature. How is it ok for people to walk into a theater and open fire?? Or how is it ok to inflict such cruelty and abuse on a being who just wants so badly to be your best friend? IT’S NOT OK!!!

Some (most) days I wish I could just pack up my life and head into the wild.

We as humans are so, so tiny in this planet, yet we feel the need to be the best. To go out and get what we think we deserve without thinking of others, no matter what the cost.

Wake up people!! We need to do better! We CAN do better!! If you’re not willing to do better I have a short pier you can take a walk off of.

“Men are cruel, but Man is kind.”

Rabindranath Tagore

I am going home to hug my dogs and cats!!

– Devon


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