A Trekker Update.

I have been getting a ton of emails from fellow travellers asking where have we been? Where are the posts? Are we still alive? Well folks, we ARE in fact alive! Sadly, we simply got caught up in life.

Let me give you the rundown. I was in the middle of applying for a new position within my company and transferring to a new store in a different city to get away from my overbearing boss WHEN… she was let go from the company. (YAY) I scrambled to stay at my old position and let’s just say that was a VERY stressful two weeks including one very sleepless weekend. During this time of uncertainty, Jade and I became so frustrated with our tiny apartment and the obnoxious neighbours upstairs we decided it was time to move. We needed a change. Our amazing friend Rhonda understood our situation and offered us a newly renovated place at her apartment complex so of course we scooped it up. (Might I add I didn’t see the apartment until we moved in, Jade went and looked at it.) THEN we went on a ten day vacation before moving. It was an amazing vacation with amazing friends and we will be writing more about that in the coming days. When we got home from said amazing vacation we moved.

All this happened within four weeks time, needless to say we were physically and emtionally drained. Our last vacation was a real eye opener for what it is we are wanting to do. We will be sharing this over the next few weeks.

Until then… we have moved into a bigger apartment for the animals and ourselves. We are still working towards our roadtrip goals. We had a fantastic May roadtrip with friends and are excited to share some of those stories.

We are also planning our next USA/Canada road trip for the week of September 17th. Suggestions on where to go are welcomed and encouraged. πŸ™‚

Stay tuned. Happy trails.

– Devon


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