A Cluttered Mind.

Lately I have been consumed with unconsuming. If you haven’t heard about it (before the interwebs gets shut down) Google it.

I have been living out of boxes since I was ten. No, I’m not homeless… I’ve moved a lot. I’m sure everybody does this. Your family moves and you pack up all of your worldly possessions with the intent that some day, in a house all your own, you’ll have your precious knick knacks on display. You end up in a bigger place with more corners, closets and other areas to hide away your clutter. You move again, to a smaller place because that’s what you could afford in the area of town you really want to live in. Here’s where it gets messy… Even though you know you’re downsizing and you have to make some tough choices, you can’t. For whatever reason, you get a storage unit. Yes, that’s the best solution, in fact; it’s the perfect place to squirrel away even more of your ‘things’ until you have saved up enough money for your ‘white picket fence’. I once dreamt of that. I very much wanted my own den/rec room/man cave. But as the years pass your priorities change, your path in life twists and turns and you realize that maybe, just maybe you’ve been consumed with too much stuff.

Insert segue here –> that’s the apex of where I am right now in life.

I have a few friends who inspire me, Paul & Lisa. They challenge my mind in ways crosswords & Rubik’s Cubes (which I love) never have. They’re doing their part to declutter their lives and live lighter than they ever have before. If you’re lucky enough to know them then you already know that they’re minimalists, like Devon.

I know I’ve touched base on this before, but I must repeat that I learn from Devon everyday. It’s nothing she says or does, really. It’s not something magical about her, even though she’s all kinds of awesome. It’s how she conducts herself, and the energy that surrounds her. She has a calming effect on me that pacifies my soul in a way that only baseball has ever managed to do.

Honestly, I used to think her minimalistic ways were, frankly, just nutty. Now, I know that there is a method to her madness. I know now that I was the one leading the maddening existence. Why on earth would I want to be bogged down by boxes of stuff? Clearly, I know that the memory won’t fade if I no longer have the items connected to the event.

My issue with boxes has even crossed over into my work life. Apparently, I pick industries where there is an abundance of boxes involved. It wasn’t until recently though, that I finally figured out why. I am a recycler, it’s something I learned at a very young age and I’ve always applied it in my professional life. So for me, the act of breaking down a box is very therapeutic. I am essentially knocking down barriers that have held me back since my first decade on this globe. I enjoy cutting boxes down & stomping on top of them when the cardboard bin is overflowing. A relief washes over me and I get it. I hate boxes. I actually hate something.

And then there’s Devon, who can literally pack her whole life into our car, a compact car. That’s where she teaches me, without ever having to audibly inform me that my all consuming past time of ridiculously stacked boxes is exactly that, ridiculous.

Since I spent the past calendar year off, I have been tackling some of my biggest hurdles… and clearing my house of this useless clutter has become my new thing. I see her passion for it which inspires me to let go. I see my friends doing their part, who already boggle my mind with their rad views on everything.

I’m going to continue to make a stronger effort to clear myself of the things that once held me back. I see now that I already have my ‘white picket fence’, albeit virtual. I know that I think outside the box. Now, I must find a way to fit my belongings into a few that can fit beside Devon’s in that compact car.

I’ll focus my energy on cleaning the clutter, and unconsuming my brain with stuff that I no longer need. The rest will all fall into place.

– Jade


One Reply to “A Cluttered Mind.”

  1. Lisa directed me to your blog. I like this and have been going through this process myself. I donated a lot of clothes, which was really hard. I am also currently traveling with minimum belongings and just have a small backpack for 5 weeks. Very liberating. Thanks for your words.


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