What Makes You Happy??

What makes you happy?

Things are not going the way I would like these days. I have nothing to write about (in my opinion), I’m stressed with work and family, and I’m broke. Wah, Wah, Wah. None of these really matter though because I am alive.

No matter how shitty of a day though, I can always seem to put a smile on my face. How you ask?… I look at pictures of the desert. As lame as that sounds, looking and talking about the desert, ANY desert fills my spirit and soul with such hope that I feel I can triumph over anything. When people hear the word desert, they often think ‘barren, dry, death, thirst’ etc. When I hear those words I think the opposite. There’s so much life in the desert; hidden valleys, water, rebirth… a new life. I know but a handful of people who share this love of the desert, like I do. A good friend of mine, Lisa (BuffaloRoad) has the same love. We can spend hours talking about and sharing stories of the desert and I know that it ALWAYS makes my day more tolerable.

So tell me, what makes you happy??

Seriously, I really wanna know. 🙂

– Devon


5 Replies to “What Makes You Happy??”

  1. it makes me happy to hear you talk of the desert. it makes me happy to see the photo of the arches that I tattooed on you. tattooing makes me happy. travel and sunshine and animals make me happy.


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