Untitled post… this time

I have spent days thinking of a title for this post, finally I said screw it!!! Here it is:

The last couple of days have really opened my eyes to how much planning we have to do to be able to travel with our animals. I have said time and again, we are their caregivers and want nothing but the best for them; lots of food, love, walks, no stress, etc. Animals are our lives and protecting their lives is most important.

This past weekend Jade & I set out to run a bunch of errands with one of our best friends and travel buddy, Stephen – check him out on Twitter (@Professor1314). We all had to buy pet food for the fur-kids so off we went to Mountain Dog Food in Coquitlam, picked up said necessary foods and decided to do some RV browsing. After a quick google, we found this place called Go West RV. We ended up driving in circles around the same 4 blocks for about 15 minutes before find this place! I tell you construction in Coquitlam is KILLING the business park there.

We finally found the place, literally around the corner from Mountain Dog Food, walked inside and were greeted by this lovely older gentleman named Doug. I explained what it was we were looking for and off we went outside to browse. I was so excited I kept looking over at Stephen & Jade and jumping up and down, and skipping along… spilling my coffee on me in the process. I got into the story with our sales guy, Doug, why we wanted an RV and sizes and shapes. When we tell most people we are buying an RV, loading up shop and eventually going off to travel, we are met with scoffs and judgement but Doug was such a sweetheart. He was excited and thrilled for us, telling us we should be doing this if it makes us happy and why not, you only live once.

One of my favourite RVs Doug showed us was a 26ft Regal C class RV with a SLIDE OUT!!!! I tell you, this thing was bigger than my house by at least 350 sq ft. It had everything we would need, I ran through everything I thought I knew about RVs; the tanks, batteries, if we needed a generator (it came with one). Doug showed us the nifty back up camera, its towing capabilities and a fancy outdoor shower, to wash our dog off after a muddy hike. My mind was/is blown. Now the price tag… $46,000. Fairly priced, but with nothing in the savings account just yet, my spirits were a little deflated. No, I lie… they were crushed. I knew I wasn’t buying an RV that day but in true Capricorn fashion I was trying to figure out ways in my mind to leave the lot with the RV towing my Fit behind it. We sat around for what seemed like forever (2hrs.) talking about why we wanted to leave town and how we were just plain sick of everything going on in this world. I made a joke about not really needing a fridge that size as I don’t eat meat. Doug and the three of us got to talking about diets and how he has lost a ton of weight and how Stephen, as well, has transformed his life for the better (SUPER proud of you dude!! TEAM AWESOME FTW). We were giving him little hints and tips about what eating cleaner was all about. I think all of us walked away with a little more than the love of this 26 ft RV (that I wanted to steal soooooo bad). There was no judgement coming from this man, just funny as hell jokes. To not have judgement placed upon me while shopping for once in my life was a shock, to say the least. Whenever I go out I seem to get stared at a little more than the group I’m with. I am treated differently in stores and restaurants, mostly negative. Maybe it’s all my tattoos, or the confidence I sometimes let out, who knows…

On our way back to the front of the lot, Doug wanted to show us just one more motor home as we strolled up to a $185,000 class A RV. A class A is basically a frickin’ tour bus. It’s massive. This had beautiful wood all around, a slide out that added like 600 sq ft., which was safe to sit on the sofa while in motion… solid marble slab counters, two or three flat screen TVs, omg I was in heaven!! I think at that point Stephen & I were trying to figure out how to buy this bad boy. We could blend all our families in this RV, right?? Jade, our 2 cats and dog, and Stephen’s 2 cats… It could work…??

The entire day was amazing; we left the RV place with many ideas and stories, and a renewed vigor to continue on this path. When the time comes to buy said RV, I know we will be going back to see Doug at Go West RV in Coquitlam. He hands down gave me the best customer service I have EVER had in my life. It was like two old friends talking about a passion for the outdoors.

Now to start saving.

The countdown officially starts now, T-Minus: 494 days and counting…

– Devon


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