Occupy Your Self.

After sitting down and marinating some thoughts, then rendering those down to just the bits and bobs… I have come to some interesting concepts.

When we started this blog, it was for the sole purpose of showing you tips & tricks and our tried & tested travel arrangements. This is still the main focus. We also decided to bring you on our travel adventures, either through recollections or as-it-happens. This is also still true. But I have seen a recent trend that I wouldn’t mind exploring more. All too often we as people are more brazen online and live amongst the rest of the worker bees throughout our day to day dealings. I wasn’t sure how this blog would manifest itself during the feeling out stage. Everything evolves.

Everyone needs to vent sometimes… there are multiple givens in life, and this is one of them. People use a variety of platforms to do such things as well. I enjoy standing tall atop a soap box myself.

From time to time, you’ll see a posting that shows itself as a random rant. These rants could be the reaction from a plethora of events, and run the gamut from ageism to sexism. *insert appropriate ism here*. They might come from me, or they might come from Devon. So long as they keep coming, I’ll be happy.

I enjoy writing on several levels, the depth and breadth of these levels I have not come to fully appreciate as of yet. I realize I’m risking totally ‘Oprah-ing’ myself on the world wide web by opening up the Pandora’s Box that is my brain. As travellers and trekkers, we open ourselves to constant unknown risks. It’s this assumption of risk with which we conduct ourselves.

Sometimes you have to put your self out there. Sometimes you should occupy your self before you put yourself out there. Don’t second guess yourself… if you’ve earned it, buy it. If you want it, reach out and grab it. Realize the distinct difference between need and want. I do feel that we are taught to be selfless, which is excellent. I believe in paying it forward, 100%. However, we forget to be selfish at some key junctions in our lives.

Planning and preparation is paramount in everything we do, and rightfully so. But there comes a time in everyone’s life (cliché, I know) that we must jump on it, whatever it may be.

Whether you follow our little blog for the travel specific aspects, or have joined up for the back and forth witty banter that comes with us like our pack of animals, I’m pleased to have you along on this adventure. I feel blessed that you’ve read our stuff and have come back for more. I hope you continue to do so.

We trekkers are constantly learning to reward ourselves… for our efforts, hard work and just because it’s a Tuesday, and why not? And speaking of rewards, I’m going to enjoy some licorice because its vegan and I earned it. 🙂

Until next time… Namaste.

Carpe Diem.

– Jade


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