Work Doesn’t Define Who You Are…

“Work doesn’t define who you are, rather it gives you the means to explore who you are.”

I’ve been struggling the last few months with work, it’s not inspiring. When I wake up in the morning I have to force myself out of bed. I bark at my household if they attempt conversation. I argue with co-workers over trivial things, and am just a whiny little bitch when I am there. I’m a pretty straight forward and positive person, so to feel this way really bothers me. I speak with my friends at work and they always say ‘stick it out, it will get better’. And I love them for saying things to me to brighten my day…. I hope my goofing around and being silly helps them throughout their day as well.

But this isn’t for me. Being in this field, I only planned on working at my job for a year while I was a touring musician… it’s been FOUR YEARS now!! Where I am is not who I am. I am someone who needs to be out discovering the world, living as simple as possible, working for me and my family.

Jade and I have a plan in the next 13 months… Pay off ALL debt, save up, buy an RV and travel full-time living in said RV. Whether it’s parking outside my sister’s house for 6 months while we work menial jobs and save $$$ or are travelling across Canada/USA in the RV, that is where I WANT TO BE. It’s on our terms. Now… I have been offered several jobs in a variety of positions in the past from other companies, and yes they would pay more and I am sure their atmosphere is more positive than where I am right now. But… I can’t leave where I am. It’s better to stick it out and watch as things improve and leave on good terms. Plus, I don’t want to take on a new job, go through all of the training and then quit in 13 months when it’s my time to travel.

I want to be free, out exploring the world around me. I am so sick and tired of working to make someone else a lot of money and getting constantly shit on. I love my co-workers, my job isn’t horrible… It’s just not what I am supposed to be doing.

I am most happy when I am on the road or talking about hitting the road. My eyes sparkle and you can see/feel the excitement. I dream of convoys with friends, hiking in Colorado with my dog, and I get giddy hearing friends tell me of their spouse’s road trips and ending up on “The Price is Right”. (YAY)

I know everything will happen the way it’s supposed to, but can we fast-forward 13 months yet???

Who am I???? I am someone who is NOT settling. I am travel, I am adventure. I am….. Devon.

– Devon


2 Replies to “Work Doesn’t Define Who You Are…”

  1. Awesome, awesome post Devon. I can relate to this on so many levels. I have made a very similar decision recently. I truly believe that we should do what we love. And when we go to work our job is what we do, not who we ARE!

    Good luck on your journey!


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