Meet Sebby.

Every road trip needs a mascot of some sort. You can only talk to your travel companion so much and there’s only so many photos of yourself you can take in front of monuments, road signs etc. As an added bonus, enlisting the help of a mascot allows you to avoid self photo bombs for perspective. It’s a great way to add a focal point to pictures to anchor a scene. Ooooooor it’s also pretty comical to photo bomb Sebby into a picture.

Meet Sebby (yes, we know he is a Domo)! He is our travel dude and Sebby comes with us everywhere. Whether it’s down the road to the store or down to El Paso, Texas, he is strapped to a backpack. Of course we get tons of stares and questions about him. Some positive, some negative. But I figure others are just jealous of his awesomeness.

Think about getting some type of mascot for your next road trip, it makes the stories of your adventures so much more fun. Having Sebby pop up in a few pictures engages the most random conversations. Everyone in our circle now refers to Domos as Sebby.

***hold your cursor over the picture to see where Mr. Sebby has been.

Check out some of Sebby’s Awesome adventures.

– Devon


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