Food and Travel.

Most people when they start a road trip, throw their diets out the window. “This is my cheat week. I can eat that pie, or get fries with my meal”, blah blah blah. They overeat and indulge more than they should. Don’t get me wrong, I love to indulge as well, but not on vacation. I have learned from experience and too many fucko’s (Jack Daniels & Tequila shots) that I am not meant to eat and drink like crazy on the road. So I don’t anymore. I have a rule when I road trip, no drinking. I am in a different country, different surroundings, different everything, last thing I want is to be running around the desert, naked watching out for scorpions, yelling up at the moon with a guitar strapped to me. (true story) I also try to eat as healthy as possible when on the road, I don’t want to get bogged down with the heavy feeling of overeating… or accidentally eat something that doesn’t agree with me. (I have a severe food allergy.) I mind my food, and its easier for me than you think. Two years ago I decided to go vegan for health issues, and those darn animals (they are just so darn cute). Jade, on the other hand, when vacationing is different, she is that first person I mentioned… Woo hoo! No more rabbit food for her. That’s her choice and I respect it (hear that MOM!!!!) Actually, we both eat pretty healthy on the road, the trick to eating well is to prepare the majority of it yourself.

You may think its a time waster but its not. You are spending about the same time preparing your own food as you would sitting/waiting in a restaurant. It’s probably healthier than the crap in the store AND it costs a whole lot less. YAY to saving money!! On our last road trip, Jade & I were gone for ten days. That’s two meals (ish) a day and we budgeted $20 a day, per person. $40 bucks a day for the two of us. 10 days x $40 = $400. HA! What a joke! We spent in total, including having to buy bottled water in some states, a total of $258.47. We bought fresh fruits and veggies from the local grocers every few days and made our own meals. Vegan of course (Jade doesn’t cook). We did eat out at a couple of nice restaurants while on vacation. It was amazing… we ate filling, 100% nutritional meals for a fraction of the price we would have in a restaurant. Also a plus to making your own meals on the road, if you have a strict diet like myself, you don’t feel like a douche walking into a restaurant, browsing the menu with your meat eating friends and just ordering a salad, or what not. I mean, there’s only so many times you can eat an effing salad!!

Some things we ate:

trail mix: bought all the mix individually and shook together.
veggies and hummus (for those looooooooooong car rides)
veggie fajitas
quinoa salads

The list goes on folks, so to save money on a road trip food wise, try making a couple meals yourself. You might think that you’re cutting corners or missing out on crazy awesome meals in fancy restaurants, but what you’re really doing is ensuring that your dietary needs are being met. And you might discover that your road trip buddy is a kick-ass cook… I’m still waiting on Jade to pick that up somewhere.

– Devon

If you’re a vegan, two high fives from me. If your not a vegan, that’s awesome too, but you only get one high five πŸ˜›

**I am a vegan but I don’t claim to know anything, I meet my needs and that’s it. I also don’t push my thoughts on it on anyone.
***I don’t judge Jade on eating those big steaks. She will burn in hell for it I am sure. πŸ™‚ heheheh.


3 Replies to “Food and Travel.”

  1. Love the post, made me literally laugh out loud at the end.

    I remember as a child when my dad drove us down to LA that we took a ton of food with us in a cooler, but when we arrived to one of the state borders (I think California) he freaked out and dumped all of our fresh fruits out.

    I know you are not supposed to take specific foods over country borders, is this so for specific state borders?


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