Video – Hal Canyon.

Every year Devon & I try to secure a spot in our favourite campsite, Hal Canyon, in Moab, UT. Its not only our preferred campsite, but the very same spot we use every year. It almost feels like a second home, since we end up with it every time. At 12 bucks a night, you can’t beat waking up to the surrounding beauty at amazing price. Very cool on the wallet, especially if you’ve budgeted in picking up souvenirs for family back home.

This past trip Devon came up with what I feel is a brilliant idea. Take one minute videos on sections of our favourite drives in and around Moab. Devon loves YouTube, and she’s a musician too… so she seemingly has her finger on the pulse of the ‘next big thing’.

Below you will find the results of her genius at work. (Yes, I’m one of her many fans.) Check it out.

– Jade


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