Big Rolling Turd.

To RV or not to RV, that… is the question. Whether it is nobler in our minds to save the environment from harsher fuel emissions by modifying our RV with as much solar energy as possible. Or spew forth in a big, belching gas guzzler.

Yes… I did borrow a few famous words and some iambic pentameter. But can you blame me? It works.

Devon & I are environmentalists. We were both raised with earth conscious parents who taught us the rewards of ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ early in life. We both had composts before it was cool. So, when we started thinking RV last year, we both wondered what we could do to improve upon its basic design by modifying a stock model into something of a green machine. Devon’s dads (yes, she has two) are both very handy. Her father is a mechanic and can help us modify the interior design. Devon’s step-dad is a mad scientist in the awesome-est sense. He can make anything environmentally friendly.

We would like to start road tripping with more frequency, but we both feel it’s unfair to our dog and cats to be left behind. Hence, the RV concept. What if we bring our ‘furry family’ along? Yes, we’ll have to train our cats to behave on harnesses and tethers. This is something that I feel can be done.

Then, there’s the RV that we choose. Do you go with the classic Airstream? We’d be towing it behind our Fit. Would this be the type of carbon footprint we’re ready to own up to? Or… do you buy one of those over-sized, tour bus types that require an upgrade in your driver’s license? Too gaudy. Not environmentally responsible. So then, something in the middle, perhaps? Not too big, not too small. It’s all very Goldilocks. However, in order to make our fairy tale come true, we first have to agree on the size and class of the model.

I’d like to open this discussion to you guys. What do you think? Which would you choose?

For now, Devon & I will continue to text each other pictures of RVs in an effort to narrow down the choices.

– Jade


3 Replies to “Big Rolling Turd.”

  1. I’d say go with something small, and preferably a trailer. I loved the feel of being a vagabond with almost no possessions to weigh me down, and living in a small space came to feel more like living in the whole world. If your rolling pad is too big, then you’re not really roughing it at all, and lose incentive to go exploring. Also, if it’s a trailer, then that means you can unhitch it and drive your car around when you decide to linger somewhere for a few days. Plus, those huge RVs are no fun at all to drive, and clog up the fun roads with their glacial slowness. Overly large RVs were my #1 killjoy on the Pacific Coast Highway, which was clearly designed with sporty cars in mind. Plus, a smaller job will cost less, burn up less fossil fuel, and be less expensive to maintain.


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