The Planning Begins…

The travel bug has hit us and we are DYING to get on the road and discover ourselves. One thing that is stopping us from jumping in the car and doing so is our pets. Jade & I have one dog Jack, and two cats Ace & Daisy. Being huge animal lovers we adopted each one of these crazy animals throughout our five years together. First Ace came along, he was my sister’s cat and was VERY vicious. He’s a ginger Tabby. My sister was going to have a baby and didn’t want to give Ace away but thought it was best in the end to re-home him. Jade & I stepped up and adopted him. Better he stays in our family. He’s since calmed slightly but he’ll turn on you in an instant! Next was Daisy; we adopted her because Ace needed a friend and we had moved him not just from the only home he’d ever known, but also several cities away. We found her through an SPCA program with a pet store in our old small town; buy 50 lbs of litter & 50 lbs of kitten food, you get to choose a kitten and any fees go toward spaying/neutering the parental farm cats. 🙂 And about two years ago we adopted Jack Dawg, oh Jacke dog. He is a 90 lb Greater Swiss Mountain Dog cross. We adopted him through a wonderful site, ( A Better Life Dog Rescue), after 4 other families looked him over because he had “hip issues”. He was hit by a car while in foster care and spent eight months of his life in a lower body cast and rehab. Titanium steel hips and legs. He is fine though, one of the most amazing, kind-hearted dogs I have ever met. Jacke Robo-dog. Bionic Wonder Mutt.

Our pets control our lives. We always make sure they are taken care of before ourselves. So wanting to go around and travel North America is taking a little longer than we had hoped. We are planning out it methodically now, making sure the transition for them will be best. We don’t want to ask friends to look after them because that’s unfair to all involved. Our families are too busy AND again we don’t want to just dump our furry family on others. So… They are coming with us!!! We have been researching this for months and really truly feel our pets will bode well. Jacke & Daisy are great in vehicles. Ace, however, HATES going anywhere. (Unless you’re a window with a neighbour cat on the other side and all that’s betwixt you is a lousy screen.)

We have decided that travelling in an RV is best for everybody. A mobile living environment where they can feel comfortable with us while we are travelling. And hey… an RV is about the same square footage as our apartment right now. We are planning our route to stop in with friends in the USA, drop-in doggie day cares (in the desert) so Jacke can play with others and looking into how to make the cats as happy as possible. It’s not going to be easy planning this out, but we have all the time in the world.

We want to make sure these little suckers are happy and cool with their new mobile home before we set off on a big weird family adventure.

– Devon


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