How Hard Could It Be?

Travel is in me, its what I LOVE to do. Nothing pleases me more than packing up my life and jumping on a plane or getting into a car and seeing the world. I have always thought of myself as a nomad, always moving around and seeing new things. It’s actually quite a shock to everyone around me that I have been in Vancouver for 3+ years, alas bills and debt have kept me here. Soon though… soon.

I am proud to say I can pack my life up and fit it into my car, excluding bed and dresser of course. I have always thought less is more and was brought up with the mentality that if you have food in your stomach and a roof over your head, you’re good. You’re home. When I go on a road trip I bring one bag; a couple climate-specific outfits, my laptop, camera, cellphone… that’s about it. Keep it simple, you can always pick up or rent something along the way. With travel… oh travel, I am free and a ‘chatty Cathy’. I am so interested in meeting new people, and learning about others. How someone across the world does things, the exact same things I do, but in a completely different way.

My dream of the moment (think it’ll stick, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it for months) is to buy a used RV big enough for my partner Jade, our two cats and our dog Jack and hit the road. Ideally, travel all over North America and down into South America. Just live in our RV and just take in the world.

Think about it, how hard could it be?

– Devon


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