Moab Travelog – Part Three.

Day Three
Sunday, August 14th

We awoke to the bright sunlight of a day welcoming us with new adventures. This was going to be a fun filled day, as we were just over the state line to Utah. We left the rest area which was the former Lake Bonneville, having dried up years ago thanks in large part to the desert climate. We were back on the road for all of ten minutes when we found the very small town of Snowville, est. 1871, where we stopped for some gas and much needed coffee. Once again we were off and running in the right direction when we saw the sign for the Golden Spike monument. This was something we both wanted to see, as the Golden Spike was the last spike in the transcontinental railroad, connecting East and West. Apparently, there is a rocket to view along the way. Located roughly 30 miles outside of Brigham City, the Golden Spike Historical Site is pretty cool, though a bit anticlimactic since the golden spike itself was moved to Stanford University in California in 1942. They still have many historical artifacts to view as well as short movies and two replica trains (The Jupiter and the 119) from the late 1800s that run back and forth in behind the visitor’s centre. Pictured is the 119 train. Driving past Chinese Arch, so named in honour of the thousands of Chinese immigrants who helped complete the Central Pacific Railway side of the rail system.

Down the road a bit is this interesting Aerospace facility that has multiple different examples of missiles and parts of space craft. It’s out there on the side of the road for all to see. A neat little discovery. Once again we found ourselves back on the road and heading fast into Utah, towards Salt Lake City and before we knew it, we were zooming past Great Salt Lake, then on through Salt Lake City itself. If you have never been there, make it a priority if you’re heading into Utah, as Temple Square is a must see. I have to hand it to the Mormons, they do know how to honour their history with beautiful buildings. The tour at the visitor’s centre is fantastic. We found ourselves a little stiff from being in the car for so long, and fast getting hungry. It was time to make a pit stop. Pulling over for another fill up of gas and some much needed food, we were back at it and moving closer to our ultimate goal, Moab. There are many stunning views in the stark desert, and one of them is a beautiful green valley we drive through, on our way past such towns as Helper and Price. It’s just a little past this point that we will find ourselves in Moab, where we’ll look for a camp ground and relax a while after a long day on the road.

Driving down a canyon road beside the majestic Colorado River, we find ourselves at our favourite camp site, Hal Canyon. Unfortunately for us, this time it’s all booked up. So we move over one camp site, to Oak Grove, where there are several spots available. We find a nice spot and book it for the night. It’s only then that we figure out why this particular camp site is nearly vacant. It seems the outhouse hasn’t been emptied in a while and we’re at the mercy of the odious aroma filling our car with a pungent potpourri. At least we had food and movies to bide our time with. It’s off to slumber for the night, to awake fresh and ready for our first hike.

– Jade


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