Moab Travelog – Part Six.

Day Six
Wednesday, August 17th

We woke up with only one goal in mind, to sit idly poolside for the bulk of the day. Once we packed up and rearranged the car, we were back in town for our morning cup of coffee from the best place in town, Wicked Brew. It’s a tiny kiosk, bustling with activity throughout the day. Hands down, the best coffee I’ve ever had on the road, and that’s saying a lot considering the city we’re from is raft with aficionados. After coffee, we headed over to Arches to do some of the smaller walks and hikes. We settled on the Balanced Rock walk, which was painfully easy. The rock itself is pretty impressive, but doesn’t hold a candle to the other wonders in the park. Next, it was off to Dead Horse Point State Park. This particular marvel is unusual in its shape, with the Colorado River winding in several S shape patterns. We stopped at the view point and took some pictures. Then we drove over to the visitor’s centre to buy some ice and check out the centre. There happens to be a gallery in the lower floor of the centre with some stunning photos of local landscapes. The store upstairs offers many touristy souvenirs though lovely to look at were a tad on the pricey side. From there it was back into Moab and back to the pool which we still had the key card too. This became invaluable during our trip and it’s a trick we will utilize on other road trips. (I should note that we never intended to keep the key card, and we used it only as a means to stay cool. We were always respectful of others and never mistreated the pool.) Once at the pool, we lounged around for a couple of hours, adding another layer of burnt flesh to what was fast becoming the epic sun tan of the season. Since it was still early in the day, there weren’t any other souls we had to share the pool with. We ended up playing with a beach ball in the pool for a while, and sun bathing in the shade. At least we tried. We wouldn’t find out the damage done until much later in the day when our skin started to tighten. This day would be the hottest either of us had ever experienced, with highs of 35ºC = 95ºF. If you’re from the west coast of Canada, like we are, you would understand that we never see heat like this. We see rain 8 months of the year. For us, 28ºC is scorching hot. It was simply too hot to hike, so the best course of action was swimming all day. Not a bad way to spend a day on vacation, I think.

After a few hours, we decided to head back into town to look for more movies to watch since we had finished the three we already bought. We wandered up and down the streets, stopping in a few of the stores. Moab is a town catering to the mass tourism seen annually here. There is literally a store for everything. Most of which host some fine deals. They even have restaurants with misting awnings for passersby to beat the heat. Done with our browsing, it was back to the pool for some more R&R. This time around, there were quite a few people to contend with. This didn’t deter us from finding a nice shaded spot to set up a couple of recliners and chill for a bit. I do believe Devon even managed to cop a few ZZZs. I delved into my newly purchased book, devouring 30 pages before I knew it. We must have been at the pool for quite some time, when we first sat down, our toes practically touched the sun. When I looked up much later, the entire pool was in the shade. It was then that we figured some ice cream was a good idea. After grabbing the ice cream, we headed back out to our camp site and set up the car for some movies. We managed to watch one before Devon decided she had had enough, and turned in for the night. I watched a baseball movie by myself and finally called it a night.

– Jade


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