Moab Travelog – Part Seven.

Day Seven
Thursday, August 18th

Starting out early this morning, we had made up our minds the night before that this would be the day that we would slowly make our way back in the general direction of home. We packed up, grabbed coffee and headed out on the open road for as long as we could stand it. It always seems that the trip home is shorter and faster than the one down. Why is that? Our plan is to go to Devon’s sister’s for a few days to see our niece and nephew and to acclimate to the weather and get reacquainted with our lives. The drive back is a bit tame in comparison to the sights we’ve seen. I wish that I could regale you with fantastic tales of adventure on our journey back home, but alas, the truth is far more benign than that. This time the drive was painfully boring. We managed to make it out of Utah, zip through Idaho and buzz on through the majority of Oregon before we stopped at a rest area for the night. We set up the car for one last night, and put on a movie. Devon was exhausted, having driven an astonishing 13 hours. Her stamina never ceases to amaze me. I ended up watching the movie alone. Finally done for the evening, it was off to slumber one last time on the road.

– Jade


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