Moab Travelog – Part Eight.

Day Eight
Friday, August 19th

This would be our last day of driving before we make it back across the border. Once fully awake, with the car being cleaned up and restored to full driving mode, we hit the road to attack the last leg of the trip with gusto. We needed breakfast and coffee to survive this, so we made a few stops to get things started in a positive way. Driving through Washington state is a breeze. It’s no surprise why they call it the ‘Evergreen State’. The I5 is carved out of a beautiful, lush green forest. You’re surrounded by massive firs, rolling hills and jutting mountain tops. We were off and running, fast and furious, trying to make it back to spend a few days with our niece and nephew. We had bought them some t-shirts and a few Angry Birds stuffed toys. They would be pleased with these, as well as the Trix and Animal Crackers. Our two other nieces also scored some t-shirts. This is an auspicious day for us, as it’s our five year anniversary. Being on the road with Devon, I couldn’t think of a better way to spend it. 🙂 Once past Yakima WA, this section of the drive seems to fly by. Past Renton we roar, on our way to Seattle and beyond. In no time at all we found ourselves at the Huntingdon border crossing which we seemed to breeze through. It was only 20 minutes away from Mission, and Devon’s parent’s house. With our Moab 2011 road trip coming to an end, reality set in that we were done for the year. Time to start planning our next two trips!!

– Jade


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