Moab Travelog – Part One.

Day One
Friday, August 12th

We started out in earnest, Devon not feeling top shelf and having worked Friday. I spent the day cleaning, organizing and packing the car. We set off at 5:30pm, heading out on our yearly sojourn to Moab, UT. Traffic was light on the way to the border, where we waited for a little over two hours, when the sign clearly lied to us and said the wait would be 45 minutes. Oh well, what can you do? There was some entertainment to take in, as Devon was reading the sign from the Duty Free like a ten year old just new to four and five syllable words. She had me in stitches, shaking my head. Once on the I-5, the flow of traffic was a breeze, for Americans know how to drive and use their manners on the highway. Canada, we could learn a lot from them. We were both tired and knew this first leg would be short. We looked for and found a gas station and filled up the car on a great price, cursing the Canadian monopoly that is the gas industry. Next up was food since we both hadn’t eaten a thing all day. The sun was dropping quickly from the sky and the horizon was stunning. The sky was filled with beautiful hues of oranges, yellows and blues. The moon was so full and bright, leading us along the road. We were hoping to make it as far as Oregon on this first day, but ended up about halfway through Washington state.

Around 10pm we started looking for a rest area to camp out for the night. By camp out, I mean we would be staying at Le Honda, which is probably the most cost effective way to spend a night. Actually, the car is a really nice place to sleep. We both fit snugly, and since we added some foam padding, it was quite comfortable. We ended up driving through most of Snoqualmie Pass before finding a rest stop. This would due just fine for the evening. Devon could not continue on and I was content with stopping for the day. Devon saw signs indicating we were in bear country and this was enough for her to be done for the night. She has a rule about not driving at night when we see signs for deer migration after we had an incident a few years back with almost running into a giant Elk on the road. (Side note: she then proceeded to rolled down the windows for the evening. I’m not so sure this was a smart idea. She makes me wonder some times.) We set up the back of the car and crashed for the night. The gentle sound of passing cars lulled us to sleep.

– Jade


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